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Pets Mag: From Oinks To I Do’s – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Pets Mag: From Oinks To I Do’s

Nestled in the heart of Buckinghamshire, Kew Little Pigs is celebrating the season of love with a twist that goes beyond human romance. This award-winning attraction is witnessing its animal residents forming piggy pairings, while offering a unique backdrop for those ready to take their relationship to the next level – with a proposal!

Mia and Scarlet, the farm’s star micro pigs, epitomise companionship, spending every moment together in a display of inseparability. Not far behind in the relationship stakes are Blanket and Gizmo, whose connection is as sturdy as it is heartwarming. However, Blanket harbours a cheeky secret from his past—a daring adventure in 2021 that saw him fathering an astonishing 70 piglets after a nocturnal escapade!