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Our pigs have been Minted! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Our pigs have been Minted!

Hi everyone, welcome to February, we've had a very snowy start here at Kew Little Pigs! 

With the snow taking hold, unfortunately we have had to cancel bookings this weekend, we're really sorry about this but the safety of our piggies comes first, and we look forward to your re-bookings to come and meet our piglets in April! 

In the last couple of weeks we have been very busy, with customers and bookings going very well - we were invited to film with the Royal Mint! Mia and Rosie May, our diva pigs, took the trip up to Kings Cross in London to be in the Year of the Pig Chinese New Year coin shoot! 

The Royal Mint's headquarters are in South Wales, and they produce 5 billion coins on average a year! This is a crazy amount, no wonder they employ 900 members of staff to make sure that this procedure runs smoothly! 

Our piggies are going to be on the face of coins soon so keep your eyes our for the cutest coins you've ever seen! We think its going to be pigtastic!