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New Years Day Engagement – Kew Little Pigs Farm

New Years Day Engagement

Happy New Years from all of us here at Kew Little Pigs, we hope that your Christmas was as good as ours and your food babies have gone away now (ours haven't!) 

On New Years Day, we had some very special visitors ask us to open up for a magical occasion. Mark Garrod and his girlfriend Carla O'reilly came to us for a piggy experience, but Mark had something up his sleeve...

While they were having their piggy experience, Mark proposed to Carla and made her experience here at the farm a whole lot better! 

When Mark met Carla 4 and a half years ago, it became known to Mark that Carla was PIG CRAZY! Being an owner of a micro pig herself, she had to give up her pet pig due to work and the size that her pig was growing. Carla kept her interest for pigs, keeping keepsakes wherever and whenever she found them! Passing on her 'Pig Bug' to her son Elvis, who is now utterly pig crazy too!

Mike had the fabulous idea to bring her back to what she loves for this very special occasion and says that "Getting engaged at Kew Little Pigs Farm is the PERFECT choice - they have already done so much to help me on my quest to win her over."

We wish you all the best and happiness in the future Mark and Carla, we're honoured to of made your day so special!