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New Year, New Pig? – Kew Little Pigs Farm

New Year, New Pig?

Hi there! 

We hope coming into February your year has been amazing so far, we've certainly had fun so far, with bookings and idea's - and the snow! Our piggies have been keeping warm and cosy in their houses. 

New Arrivals....!

As well as welcoming three new members of staff to Kew Little Pigs, Emily and Rachel who work in our office answering all of your piggy related questions, and Grace who works outside to make sure that all of our pigs are pampered, we are also happy to say that WE ARE EXPECTING! Jill and her boyfriend Milo were clearly very busy after Christmas, as we are expecting piglets! 

Although exact details would be hard, this litter will be born mid April, and that there will be roughly 10 little piggies joining our farm! We are all sooooooo excited to welcome them to the Kew Little Pigs family, but could you be ready to welcome an adorable piglet into your home? 

How can you say no to this little one, awwwww!

Deposit Scheme

In light of the news that we are indeed having baby piglets on the farm, here at Kew Little Pigs we have set up a deposit scheme to help you secure your interest on one of our gorgeous babies before they are even born! Our piglets will be priced at £650 each or two for £1,100. We now have this fabulous deposit scheme in place so that with just £200 you can secure one of Milo and Jill's beautiful piglets.

When choosing your piglet, we can advise you on colour and size based upon Jill and Milo's previous litters, and we can also introduce you to our previous litters so that you can have a little look at the amazingness that Jill and Milo produce! If you haven't kept a pig before, and this would be your first adventure into the piggy world - we would advise that you have a look at our Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping Course, as this is a fabulous way to gather all of the information that you need to see whether you're ready to welcome a piggy into their forever home!