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Meet our special care piglet Princess – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Meet our special care piglet Princess

Last night Willow gave birth, and the first time mum has four piglets. 

Three are doing well, but the smallest piglet, which we have named Princess is receiving special care from staff. 

The adorable piglet, who has black and white markings like a panda is receiving goats milk and intensive care, and today she will start on lamb colostrum from the vet which will hopefully help her grow and thrive. 

If Princess can rally it is hoped that she will be able to be reunited with her mum soon, or even Freya who is also expected to give birth this week and is Willow's sister. 

With weak piglets it is always touch and go, and sadly this is part of our life on the farm, but please keep Princess in your thoughts as we really hope this gorgeous baby pulls through.