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Kew Little Pigs at the Parliamentary Review 2019 – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Kew Little Pigs at the Parliamentary Review 2019


In late 2018, Olivia MD of Kew Little Pigs, received a letter from Lord David Blunkett and Lord Eric Pickles requesting her company at the 2019 Parliamentary Review as a representative of a small business owner. 

The Parliamentary Review is an indispensable guide to industry best practice, which demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment.

The Review has several editions, each focusing on an individual policy area with the strategic aim of raising standards by highlighting best practice.

As the review is an entirely apolitical publication, being given the opportunity to voice an opinion of how social, economical and political factors can affect a small niche business, was quite frankly an honour and a testimony to all the hard work Olivia has put in over the last 9 years of business. 

The evening was a chance for Olivia to network, have a voice and share her knowledge of working in a business that has amassed huge success and manages so with just 6 full-time members of staff.

It's so evident that through Olivia's determination and vision , her employees passion, their hard-work and commitment as well as the army of followers across social channels, Kew Little Pigs has become an successful business with global recognition ( of course having 4 legged friends as a business model definitely helps!) 

KLP is categorised as a SME business, however it's hard to draw comparisons when businesses with 500 or less employee's are identified as SME, and KLP has just 6 full time employees and only 3 of those run the office ( emails, social media, customer service, marketing, event management and business development). When you look at those figures, it's an amazing feat, one that Olivia is very proud of. More so, this timeline of milestones, should cement any further pride for the business KLP has become: 

»2011 – first litter of piglets

»2012 – attending our first ever pet show

»2013 – took on staff for first time

»2014 – moved from London to Buckinghamshire

»2015 – registered to become a limited company

»2016 – won Social Media Advert of the Year for Coral

»2017 – Business survived a very large dispute with previous

landowners who wanted to build on our farm – we nearly lost our

pigs and our business. We found our larger premises in Amersham,

Buckinghamshire that was much better suited to our business

»2017 – We trademarked our logo and registered for VAT; we wrote

our first book,

Kew Little Pigs Can Fly

»2018 – 25 per cent growth, four further staff members

»In 2019 we have been nominated for awards, including Muddy

Stiletto’s Best Family Attraction, and the Best Women in Business

Awards’ Best Business and Most Inspiring Businesswoman

This is without mentioning our work internationally, educational placements for universities and colleges students studying as vets or animal behaviour experts, our care work both in schools and homes, events and television campaigns including Save the Children Christmas jumper day and various large drink and fashion brands as well as newer ventures such as building the worlds first pig quarantine and talks of launching an app. 

It's almost unimaginable to think that almost 9 years ago Olivia was a woman and a single mother with just one pig and a back garden in Kew. But what make's Olivia so different from many is that little dream, that idea some people might have laughed at, she held on to and persevered with. She created a business through determination, gusto and passion, with a vision many have but a drive that only a few can be proud of. 

Being a part of such a prestigious review as a small business of just 6 people in a muddy field (full of magnificent beasts) is not just an honour but it is an absolute testimony that despite economical downfall, hardships suffered and funding declined, if you believe in your business model and create a culture and an ethos others want to be a part of, then success can be granted in the most wonderful ways. 

Olivia we are proud of you. 
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