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Bloggers in town! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Bloggers in town!

Hi! here at Kew Little Pigs we have really been March as it has bought us some sunshine! Our piggies have been sunbathing and relaxing with their friends. 

This week, we are welcoming some new faces to our farm with the fashion company Lindex sending some bloggers down to our farm for a piggy experience! 

We have opened our farm for this event privately, and are really excited to welcome these bloggers to piggy haven...

photo: @bethefittest

'We had a lovely day yesterday, thank you ever so much' - Carly J Stevens

Lindex is a Swedish fashion company, it was first thought of in 1954! Our piggies weren't even alive, but they do know a thing or two about fashion... The company has grown massively since, and some of our piggies are very excited to see the newest fashion trends! 

'I'm sure we will be back' - The Savvy Mummy 

Our piggies were on their best behaviour for the day, they cuddled and posed all morning - making sure that these bloggers had the best day possible and made piggy friends for life. 


Thanks for coming guys! Hope to see you all very soon! 

Kew Little Pigs