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A PIG SURPRISE! – Kew Little Pigs Farm


Kew little pigs were  honored to be involved in one of the most romantic request we’ve had here at the farm.

Robert Fox from London, called to inform us he was planning to surprise his boyfriend Joris by asking for his hand in marriage here at KLP.

Of course we jumped at the chance to be apart of his plans and our office was a buzz of excitement at the though of such a unique idea!

Robert and Joris met in Holland after Robert went to stay with the parents of his dutch housemate.  Joris was a childhood friend of the family and both he and Robert fell deeply in love. Fast forward a year and a half and Robert was ready to pop the question to the man of his dreams.

Robert had  previously spend a few months researching pig farms before stumbling across Kew Little Pigs. He then traveled from London with two friends to meet our team (and the piggies!) to plan the perfect proposal.

On the day Joris, who had no idea about Robert’s plans, though they were visiting the farm to play with our piggies. Imagine his surprise when at the end of his visit he was called back by a staff member to pet a piglet wearing a collar that concealed the engagement ring!

Robert then asked Joris for his hand in marriage to which he replied an emotional yes!

We send our love and best wishes to the couple and look forward to hearing about their wedding plans.