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We specialise in micro pigs and are a trusted, reputable micro pig breeder. We are based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, where people can come along and visit our pigs with access to all public transport, parking and close to main motorways. Not only do we sell micro pigs, we have a number of unique services that may be of interest to you such as micro pig parties, corporate bookings and school bookings, please click here for more details. Micro pigs have become popular in the United Kingdom and around the world, and more people have realised that they can have a micro pig as pet and companion. Micro pigs make fantastic pets, especially for people who suffer from allergies as they will not have an allergic reaction to them as they have hair instead of fur. Micro pigs are not aggressive animals and are safe around children and other animals. We have limited number of our little pigs for sale every year. Please click here for more info.