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Adopt Jill

Adopt Jill

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Bronze includes one 1 hour visit to the farm per year.

Silver includes two 1 hour visits to the farm per year

Gold includes three 1 hour visits to the farm per year

Platinum includes four 1 hour visits, as well as a t- shirt / poster


Jill is a lovely proven sow, who has been a wonderful mother to all her piglets. She is a very friendly pig with lots of personality, she is not afraid to make her presence known when food is around! Jill’s was a party pig back in her day, going to countless children’s parties and even clubs with us and her party friend Jack – she really does love the human attention! She now spends her days having fun on the farm with her friends and having gorgeous piglets every so often.

  • Become a micro pig owner in a shared scheme
  • Entitled to so many visits to our garden farm per year according to the membership
  • Receive a certificate as proof of adoption (photo included)
  • Receive quarterly updates, pictures, videos and a blog of what your pig has been up to.
  • 10% off all our services, including online shop.
  • You will be the first to know about all our events.
  • T-shirt/ poster (premium package)
  • Invited to our events as a member of the team (premium package).
  • You can bring one friend with you to your visit / visits. If you would like any more guests there will be a charge of £20 per person.
  • You will get 30mins prep and a talk with us and the rest of the time you can spend with your pig, helping to clean out it’s pen and other pig keeping chores (dependent on the time)