Adopt Dexter
Adopt Dexter
Adopt Dexter

Adopt Dexter

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Bronze includes one 1 hour visit to the farm per year.

Silver includes two 1 hour visits to the farm per year

Gold includes three 1 hour visits to the farm per year

Platinum includes four 1 hour visits, as well as a t- shirt / poster


Dexter is our very cute boar, born in 2012. He has done parties and very big events with us. He is still very small for his age, standing at only 14 inches from shoulder to trotter. He makes the most noise out of all of our male pigs and loves to follow Gizmo around and copy him!

He is one of our well behaved pigs, we let him walk around in the farm and he comes in the office with us sometimes and he’s even done filming all over London! Dexter is everyone’s favourite as he is a funny boy. He is a very happy pig and is always seen to be rapidly wagging his tail when there’s someone around.

The Benefits:

  • Become a micro pig owner in a shared scheme
  • Entitled to so many visits to our garden farm per year according to the membership
  • Receive a certificate as proof of adoption (photo included)
  • Receive quarterly updates, pictures, videos and a blog of what your pig has been up to.
  • 10% off all our services, including online shop.
  • You will be the first to know about all our events.
  • T-shirt/ poster (premium package)
  • Invited to our events as a member of the team (premium package).
  • You can bring one friend with you to your visit / visits. If you would like any more guests there will be a charge of £20 per person.
  • You will get 30mins prep and a talk with us and the rest of the time you can spend with your pig, helping to clean out it’s pen and other pig keeping chores (dependent on the time)