For Pig Owners

Holiday Relief For Pig Owners

We are able to look after your pet pigs locally only or you can bring them to us. However, remember the 20-day standstill for every new pig. Medical records need to be up to date, including recent vaccination(s) and worming.

Vaccinations and Ear-tagging

We offer regular vaccinations for our clients who have bought micro pigs from us as well as ear tagging them. We use Bimectin/ Panomec or Flubenol. This protects them against gastro-intestinal nematodes, lung worms, lice and mange mites. Vaccinations are £30 per pig and ear tagging is £40 per pig.

Boar hire

We are looking to hire boars out to experienced pig owners for an agreed length of time. Please email us at for more information.