The Boys



Gizmo is quite shy in comparison to Boe, his sister, but he still loves the attention!

He was born in 2012 and is the cute one that everyone loves, so he loves to be stroked and fed (especially fed!). He is very chilled out and loves to just route around his pen, or you’ll usually find him asleep somewhere – he’s very lazy! But when Boe starts to cause trouble, he is the first one to go along with her, it’s still clear they love each other after all these years!

Gizmo is a very clever pig and his party trick is to sit on demand, he loves to do this as he knows he is going to get a treat after, although sometimes he gets too greedy and jumps up!

Gizmo has appeared in Event Magazine and is one of the oldest males on the farm – making him a grandfather! He has got the most adoptions on the farm and has done events including modelling. He is a good looking and very charming pig



Jack is a 2 year old ginger boar and has done many shows and parties with us.He has famous lineage, his mother is Kew, our first ever show pig and a Moonpig mascot and his Father is Gizmo, who was seen modelling in magazines and for fashion labels! Jack has a very cheeky personality and loves to hide his food just in case someone tries to steal it!

Jack is a 3-year-old castrated boar and can be mistaken for his mother Kew as they look so much alike. She has been a show pig of ours and has done many parties and events with us.


Milo is the smallest adult boar on the farm and stands at around 12 inches tall. He is nearly 2 years old and has already appeared at lots of parties and events with us. He is a very chilled out piggy but loves having the attention on him and loves a belly rub. He currently lives with the boys on the farm, and now a father!

Milo was a new father to the first litters of piglets on our new farm.



Patrick is one on our breeding boars born in 2011. He has done many shows and appearances with us including The London Pet show and been on T.V appearances and photo shoots with us.

He has black fluffy hair and is extremely cute! He still does bits and pieces with us but he mostly does boar hire around the country. He is a lovely addition to our farm as he is so chilled out and will happily sit with you on the floor for a cuddle!

Patrick is a retired breeding boar and a grandfather. He has thick black hair and lives with his sons Ben and Bruiser. He can sit on demand and is a very dominant pig to live with.



Simon is our oldest white boar and a very cute one at that! He loves to play around with his friends, but also loves to laze about in the sun – he loves a good cuddle up to Gizmo! He was born in 2015 but still acts and like a piglet. He can be very cheeky and always tries to sneak extra food from us!

Simon is the son of Boe and is a castrated boar. He is also the big brother to Milo.


Dunce is a gentle soul who loves the attention and a belly rub. He is quite and shy compared to the boars that he lives with, but he is a loveable character. Dunce is soon to become a breeding boar for us, taking over from Gizmo – we’re sure his piglets will be extremely cute and gentle, just like him!

Dunce is an entire boar and is often seen on his own as he loves his own company. He is a very content pig who likes to doze all day long.



Bruiser is one of our younger boars and is still making his mark on the farm. Everyone that comes to the farm loves his cute little face and his friendly personality. He loves his belly rubbed and will lay on your feet all day! He will soon be taking over from his father Patrick and become one of our breeding boars on the farm.


Dexter is the son of Kew and Patrick and brother of Jemima. He is a castrated boar who has spent his time with both the girls and the boys. Dexter will only sit if he is rewarded with a carrot.


Ben is the son of Boe & Patrick. He lives with Patrick and his brother Bruiser. He has thick shiny black hair and tries to be the dominant pig of the pen – with very little success. He is quite a lady’s man and is always on the lookout.

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