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Why Hire Us?

We are the industry leaders and have experience with many high-end clientele and customer satisfaction.

The publics fascination of all things cute and cuddly keeps us in constant demand with the media. Our mini pigs have appeared on a variety of TV shows including The Jonathan Ross Show, magazines including Tatler and 8 weeks of extensive filming for Channel 5’s The Secret Life of Pets.

One of our lucky pigs with Michelle Keagen
Bliss Media event with Michelle Keegan

Our unique breeding farm in Buckinghamshire is the perfect place to rear and train our adorable miniature pigs. They are well acclimatized to human interaction as have visitors to the farm daily. They are well behaved and extremely sociable when we attend public events. Working alongside Space, we have also won social media advert of the year, with their adaptation of ‘CheltenHAM’ for Coral.

Our pigs at Gluck gaming event
Gaming event 2017 with Gluck Games

Depending on the venue & clients requirements, your guests can enter the pigs enclosure to pet, groom and interact with the animals. We truly are a one – stop – shop for all your mini pig needs: photo shoots, PR events. Private parties and TV appearances. With pigs of all ages, sizes, colours and personalities – we’re sure to have the perfect pig for you!

For TV & shoots you can come to our miniature farm to get the exclusivity of all of our pigs and the farm, or be booked at your convenience and location of your choice (providing it is safe for our pigs and staff).

Our pigs with the Game of Thrones cast
Bliss Media event with Games of Thrones cast

Working with animals can be tricky, please allow time, time and space for the pigs to get the best result possible, from previous experience our clients have always achieved their expectations from our guideline. We have strict rules on what we will allow our animals to do to ensure their welfare and safety.

We adhere to all DEFRA & Animal health laws and guidelines, ensuring we have an annual permit to take our pigs out, public liability and risk assessments. We have a fully adapted pig mobile with air conditioning and movement boxes. We comply with animals in transport laws and all our micro pigs are in good health.

Our Pigs to Book

We have a variety of different pigs on offer available to hire out for TV & Media purposes. We have small piglets as well as adult micro pigs with different personalities and looks. Our micro pigs are extremely friendly and all have different personalities and colours. The colours we have available are Black, black and white, ginger and spotted, and ages can vary.

Some Companies we Have Worked With

Some Companies we Have Worked With

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