Winter tips for pig owners

Snow and ice is finally on it’s way and it is important to be prepared for the winter months ahead.

It’s a good idea to keep your pigs health in top condition during winter as it prevents them from getting ill in the colder monthsPoster2 (480x640). We have recently changed our worming medicine, it is important to do this regularly as your pigs body can become immune.

Now may be a good time to prepare their pen for the cold nights ahead. Ensure that their beds are damp free and clean, you may even want to virkon them just to make sure, and then ensure they have lots of straw to snuggle up in. You can also give them a little more feed if you like to help them put on a little weight and keep warm in the cold.

We don’t recommend getting heat lamps, as you know pigs can’t sweat, but if you feel your pig may be feeling the cold outside, you can always give it some blankets, or bring it in the house with supervision.

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It may also be a good idea to get stocked up on hay, straw and feed, especially if you live in rural areas, as it may be difficult to get out in icy conditions.

Please also remember in winter months that your hose may freeze! It’s always a good idea to keep buckets of water by your pig pen to top them up with fresh water.

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