Why buy a micro pig?

Micro pigs are highly intelligent creatures that can provide love, care and affection just like dogs, the only exception is they have hair instead of fur! These animals are perfect for those suffering from allergies but have always wanted a pet of their own – and they are much more interested than fish!

Triplets & the 3 pigs_16

Micro pigs can be walked, although this is not a necessity as pigs do not need a lot of exercise as they are sty animals.

Micro pigs are also extremely cheap to feed. A bag of pot bellied pig feed is £15 and for two pigs it should last around 1 month. Plus you can also feed your pigs yummy fruit and vegetables – just be sure it’s not out of kitchen.

Micro pigs are also very clever, so you can teach them amazing things, such as sit, stay, lay down and even get them to wait by the back door if they need to toilet! Some people also toilet train their pigs, so that when they are in the home, they use a litter tray, this usually takes around a week. IMG_8582 (640x427)

Micro pigs can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction into your lives, as they are truly wonderful pets to keep! They do not require 24/7 attention, as they live outdoors, you can feed them in then morning, muck out and head off to work. In the evenings it is nice to spend time with them and even bring them into the home, as they do love attention!

We always have little cuties for sale to have as a new addition to the home.

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The team at Kew little pigs. x

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