What can pigs eat?

There’s been a huge debate about what micro pigs can and cannot eat. Some think they should be allowed scraps as they are domesticated animals, while others feel that micro pigs are still livestock, and by law we have to stick to the rules.

We have to abide by the law, which means no scraps or waste must be given to micro pigs!

Pot-Bellied-Pig-20kg (2)Even micro pigs have a strict diet. For example at our garden farms we feed our pigs Allen & Page pot bellied pig feed. This is not only low in protein, which keeps their weight and size down, but is also highly nutritious. The feed comes in pellet form, and gets distributed through the herd. The benefits for this feed a huge and we have tested other feeds over the years, but nothing beats Allen & Page as it is low in protein and high in fibre, keeping our pigs at a healthy weight and ensuring they keep their micro pig size too.

Pigs can have other things to eat, such as hay. Hay is great if you are out all day, as micro pigs love to route around and dig – especially for food. Hay keeps their hunger down and is also nutritious. We get ours in bales from a local supplier at £5, which can last us around 2 weeks. Pig can also have fruit and vegetables, also there are rules for feeding them. Pigs can have this as long as it hasn’t even passed through a kitchen and is stored outside away from rodents and damp.

We have noticed over the years that our pigs tend to dislike certain foods such as peppers, oranges and onions, these flavours are simply too strong fro them. They prefer simpler flavours such as apples, bananas and carrots. If you choose to feed your pigs fruits high in sugar, like bananas and apples, be careful not to overfeed them as this can make them gain weight.


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