Visits to us

One Hour Visit

This One Hour Visit is a great gift for pig lovers!

While visiting, guests will be able to get inside our pig pens, getting up close to real life pigs. They will be able to groom, feed and play with them.

Guests will get a 15 minute introduction , a member of staff will introduce themselves and the pigs, also giving a small talk about pigs. The remainder of the time can be spent with our show pigs, getting to know their personalities and having fun with them.

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The Pig Enthusiast

This for the huge pig fan that wants nothing more than to spend their time sitting on the farm with the pigs.

This visit includes a 20 minute intro to the farm, our animals and a tour of the pens. You will then be left to explore the farm as you wish – going into all of the different pens – deciding how you would like to spend your time. For the huge pig fans who don’t mind getting stuck in, you will also be invited to join in on our daily tasks – including feeding, grooming, mucking out and much more!

These visits will run Tues- Sat

You may use your time as you wish, you are more than welcome to come along to draw our pigs or photograph them (for personal use).

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The 2 Hour Pig Husbandry Visit

This is a 2 hour visit which includes a 20 minute tour introducing all the pig by names and their Family history and then there will be a Q&A session on the Husbandry of Pigs – you will be given a fact sheet covering the most common questions which also covers the agricultural laws on Pig keeping aswell. The rest of your time you are able to play with and groom our piggies of all sizes in an animal enrichment session!

We suggest for anyone that would like to keep pigs as pets to take part on our Comprehensive Guide To Pig Keeping Course as it is a lot more in depth and informative for new pig owners.

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The Arty Pig

Come to our gorgeous farm with fabulous scenery and pretty little oinkers to get inspired and make your own keepsake. We provide all art materials – all you need to bring is yourself and your arty skills! This is a two hour visit, you may set up your art utensils where the mood strikes you.

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Little Trotters Club

The Little Trotters club is for childcare professionals and parents with preschoolers needing to take the little ones somewhere different! The Little Trotters Club entitles you to 3 visits to meet a micro pig at a discounted price of £50! One under 5 goes free! Any additional children are £10 each. Spend an hour and a half meeting all of our friendly micro pigs and have lots of fun interaction! Visits run Tuesday – Friday 10am – 3pm

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