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After reading many horror stories of people buying supposed ‘micro’ pigs which turned out to be normal farmyard pigs, i wanted a micro pig seller with an exemplary reputation who i could trust to supply me with a micro pig for my wifes birthday. Kew Little Pigs were that supplier. After having met Olivia, attending the farm and taking the course it was all systems go with the countdown until the day when the little piggy was delivered. And what a roaring suggest the ‘surprise present’ has been! Named Gracie, our little piggy loves her new home and has quickly established herself as one of the family.

I cannot thank Kew Little Pigs enough for all they have done and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to buy a micro pig.

N Graham (Malvern)


My boyfriend was in his element, we had a fab time with the piggies and I totally mastered the piggy tummy rub. One of the best experiences I have had. I had an amazing time, the pigs were so cute and the staff was lovely too

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Many thanks for the course, the time spent with your amazing pigs and everything we learned today, it was brilliant and also thank you for all the information you have forwarded to us. I will enjoy reading that tonight. I am so looking forward to my retirement and having two little piglets to look after. I hope all goes well with Boe and her babies, I do so hope she has good birth.

‘Belle had – in her words – the best day of her life at kew little pigs.

Thank you so much for such a special day and a lovely memory.

Hope to see the lovely staff and pigs again soon’

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“A huge thank you to Babe and Wilbur the two piglets who came with Olivia their handler to our party this weekend. They were a massive hit with all the girls, and were the talk of the class on monday”

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Hello Amy, just wanted to let you know we had our visit today with Sara in Dagenham and it was fabulous.it was lovely meeting Jemima and all the other pigs, Sara was really knowledgeable and caring with the pigs its good us non-pig keepers get to experience this and enjoy some time with the pigs,you’ve made me very happy. thank you, Amanda

Thank you for this morning’s visit.  We really enjoyed it.. the children did too.  I think the fact that they could brush the piglet’s hair and walk them was excellent.  The little talk at the beginning was a good educational bit for the children and generally the numbers reflected how popular the pigs were, so I don’t think anyone was disappointed. Will leave some flyers out some parents and carers were interested in seeing more of the pigs.  We were asked if you could come again so that is positive feedback indeed.  It may be a good one for future half terms and holidays. –  North Isleworth children’s centre

The children took great pleasure from the hands on experiences with real life micro pigs brought
to us by Kew Little Pigs. – parkgate school, Clapham

My name is jules, I was after one little piggy for a  hobby so we all went to meet Olly and the gang. On arriving it was hands on straight away with a shovel and a bucket, pigs going one way us going the other. But the way Olly goes about the cause and info that you need, not only help but eagerness to help you to make sure every little thing is covered i.e what you need from the vets, your cph number and the best products to use. Olly is always there 24/7 text , email , phone, or even visit.My aftercare services with Olly are fantastic any problems I have I just pick up the phone if it can be sorted like that. If not she is straight up the motorway to see me. she has a great back up team so when you need hay or straw or any other things Olly is your girl , I some times feel we are just looking after them for her as she has such input into them but so far her help has always been brilliant and we have made a great life long friend along the way . – Jules, pig owner, Newbury

5 star service . We brought our 2 pigs in December before this we went on the pig keeping course that kew little pigs offer .,we now have 2 pigs that have just turned one years old they are fit and healthy. Olivia comes every 6 months to give them there wormer jabs. Olivia also brings my feed and straw when we need it . Could not ask for a better service they are great and always there to answer any questions we have . Thank you ***** star service — Kelly, pig owner, Brentford

I would like to write a huge thank you to Kew Little Pigs! As the Nursery Teacher at an inner-city London Primary School, I organised a three hour visit for several year groups and was delighted with the service provided. The booking process was efficient and KLP managed the day beautifully. The curriculum support was also fantastic and age appropriate for the Early Years and Year 1. On the day of the visit, the staff were friendly and very organised. The pigs, which were adorable, very clean and impeccably behaved, were readied in the school garden and the classes took turns to see them. The children were engaged throughout and the staff kept the children interested by giving appropriately pitched lessons to each year group. KLP also treated the pigs incredibly well and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. This certainly wasn’t slave labour!Overall, this was a really enjoyable day for the children and our teaching staff. I would definitely recommend KLP for schools or private events. — Bell lane primary school, Hendon

Thank you so much for this information. We enjoyed your visit so much today and the children were still talking about it when I saw some of them at a schools music concert in Twickenham this evening! We really appreciate you giving up your time to come and see us, it was such a valuable learning experience for the children.– Holy trinity primary school, Richmond

I just wanted to write to thank you for the excellent day you gave to our children on 23rd March. They simply loved the experience. I will certainly pass the word around and hope that we can have you back at some stage in the near future.- Kew college, Kew

As I am sure you know, the kids all had a fantastic time at Amelia’s party — it was quite the buzz at school today! – Piggy party, Kew

It was lovely to meet you and the team too, and thank you so much for coming to the festival. It was a great event, and you were definitely the highlight! – Kensington street festival

The pigs made the party, making it a ‘Peppa pig’ party with real pigs was a total hit. The children loved feeding the pigs, brushing them and took a real interest in them. They haven’t stopped talking about the pigs all week. Big thank you to kew little pigs for making the party a success. – A piggy party, Fulham

We would once again like to thank Kew little pigs at the new spring nursery. This is the third time they have been to us and the kids have loved it! We look forward to making another booking this summer. – Julie, New spring nursery

Thank you Kew Little Pigs for our wonderful piglets Oscar & Wilbur. They are so friendly and loveable and a joy to look after. Olivia was fantastic helping me with all the paperwork, ordering supplies and delivery of the pigs. She even helped me organise the castration of the pigs. In the first few days of having them I had lots of questions and Olivia was fantastic at giving me advice and more than happy to help. We’ve had Oscar & Wilbur a month now and can’t imagine our family without them.  We would definately recommend Kew Little Pigs to anyone wanting to have a micro pig as a pet. — Joanne, pig owner.

I really didn’t know quite what to expect when my son Simon booked me this pig course. I arrived outside the house thinking I had come to the wrong address. I was warmly greeted by Ollie who took me through to the back. It was a bit like going through the wardrobe door to Narnia.  Another world greeted me.  I immediately warmed to Ollie and we got on like a house on fire.  I was introduced to the pigs and got to know all about them and their individual characters. We fed, cleaned, cuddled and talked to these wonderful animals. I came away having thoroughly enjoyed my morning. It was not just a mornings course on pigs but had a wonderful time talking to Ollie, a truly inspirational person and I wish her well in all future ventures,Yours sincerely, Marion

We’ve had our Micro Pig Streaky for 6 weeks got him from Kew little pigs. He is the best pet ever he loves playing in his pen outside but he comes inside the house.He is very cuddly he will happily sit on my lap and have a cuddle and will let you brush him, oil him, clean his eyes and even look at his teeth.He is a very sociable piggy all our friends come round and he loves rolling on the floor to have his tummy scratched. Questions people ask: Does he smell? not at all is he very clean. What does he eat? potbelly pig feed supplied by Kew Little Pigs and veg as a treat, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, fruit we don’t give him too much because it is a natural sugar but he likes apple, banana, cranberries, raisins, grapes. Does he go to the toilet in the house? No not at all we had one day when we first got him because he did not understand, every time he went to the toilet, or looked like he was going to go to the toilet we took him out side, if he goes to the toilet out side he gets a raisin. How big will he grow? Streaky is 6 months old and about 10in off the ground to his shoulder he has not grown much since we have got him. Our friend farms pigs and said there is no way he will be big his frame and structure is nothing like a normal fully grown pig, we have been told he will get to 15in tall. If you are thinking of getting one hope this helps, Streaky is a lovable pig and very well behaved and we could never be without him. Thank you Kew Little Pigs – Graham & Sarah, Pig owners