Pig agility & training

We’re very excited to be launching our new service called ‘Pignic & Agility’ this week and think the pigs will love the new surroundings and attention!


Pigs are extremely clever animals and love to have their brains trained – much like dogs. Our agility set is only small, as we are using some younger pigs, but provides a stimulating activity that makes them use their brain and once completed they will be treated with some yummy food or treats. Our set includes a tunnel, cones and some small jumps – pigs can actually jump quite high but our jumps are very small as we don’t want to startle them.

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A great idea for training a pig at home is to hide food in their pen, by burying it or just hiding it around in spots – making them use their noses and brain.

Another idea if you are creative is to make a holder for a bottle and fill it with their favourite treat – in order for them to get the treat they would have to flip the bottle upside down.

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