Owning a Micro Pig

County Parish Holding Number (CPH number): over the counter viagra alternative at walgreens

Herd Number: Once you get your piglet home you should inform your local animal health department and they will send you your own herd number.  We are happy to help you with any of these requirements.

Pet Walking License: These can be issued if you want to take your pigs for walks. You should contact your local animal health officer. Your route will be approved and will need to be renewed annually.

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Once you have bought your piglet we will give you your own original birth certificate to show your pig was born at Kew Little Pigs and is genuine stock.

Bill of Sale:  will blue cross blue shield pay for viagra

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There is more to owning a micro pig than getting a CPH number, walking license and herd number. Micro pigs are still considered livestock and DEFRA has strict rules about owning a micro pig. That’s why at Kew little pigs we help you by running the Comprehensive guide to pig keeping course for those wanting to know more.

When purchasing a micro pig from us we can help you by filling out paperwork with you and applying for relevant documentation.

We have the same rules as big pig breeders do. Without properly understanding the legalities you could be breaking the law. Pigs are highly intelligent and clean animals and owning a micro pig should be a pleasure and not a chore. With correct husbandry in place, owning a micro pig will be one of the best decisions and purchases you will make.