The Girls

Boe has a funny and very sly personality. She has a dogs characteristics and is not afraid to jump up on your lap if she thinks there is food around. Boe was born in 2012 and spends her day creating mayhem around the farm, by demanding food all day long and getting the others to join in, she is definitely the leader. She loves to have her belly rubbed and actually keeps herself very clean considering she is white and quite a digger! She loves to have the attention and if there are any visitors to the farm she will sulk if they do not spend all of their time with her, so it’s safe to say she is quite a diva! Boe is very clever and shows off a lot. Boe’s smiley face makes us glad to come into the office every morning, as she makes us smile with her, even when she is creating mayhem!

Jemima is Kew, our first show pigs daughter, and she is like her in many ways, which is probably why they do not get along! Her father is Patrick, also an old show pig, so it’s in her genes to be a show off and love being around people! She was born in 2012 and is an absolute lady and walks very elegantly. She doesn’t like to be in the forefront of piggy arguements and would rather have her own space, and go to bed and get comfy. She is everyone’s favourite as she is very sweet and calm, but loves a good chat when you come to see her!

Kew has been with us since she was born and we are now proud to say that she is a lovely mother and grandmother. She loves to have her belly rubbed, and gets our attention by tipping her water over! She is very friendly and sits on demand. She loves to have the attention and being brushed as she is a princess. Kew, along with her sister Stephanie, was Moonpig mascot for a year when she was younger, visiting their offices every month as a treat for the staff. Kew has also been on TV before on the Live with Gabby show, as well as other upcoming shows. She can also be seen on our promotional video on our youtube channel.

Scarlett was born in 2011 and is the sister of Stephanie & Kew. She has had may litters of piglets and is a great mother to them, She is now even a grandmother! She has only attended one of our events which was The Pet Expo at Bluewater in Kent and was a fab addition to the show. She is a very chilled out girl and loves to have her tummy rubbed – she will lay at your feet to hint at what she wants!

Phoebe is one of our lovely sows – she has just had her first litter of piglets. Phoebe is a very friendly pig with a cute little face, she loves to run over to see if you have brought any treats for her. She is a timid girl who is always the last to eat as she can be a bit too polite with the other girls!

Elvis is one of our ginger spotted gilts. She is living with some of our other females at the moment and along with her crew, they seem to demand the most amount of attention and love! Elvis is always one of the first on the farm to come and say hello and have their head scratched.

Melissa is one of our black sows, she is also one of the smallest. She has now had 2 litters with us and is an amazing mum. It has taken her a while to come out of her shell as she used to be an extremely shy piggy, but she has learnt from the rest and now expects the attention when we arrive on the farm.

Patch is quite the character. She seems to be the cheeky one out of her herd and has broken into our office on numerous occasion’s to see what she can find! She can also find any route to break out of her pen and see what’s going on around the farm – even teaching the others how to do the same.

Jill is one of our smallest sows and also has beautiful hair when it is fully grown. She is an extremely friendly pig and happily welcomed her first litter in this year. Jill loves to make everyone dirty and usually leaves them with a complimentary snout mark on their leg before they leave the farm

Delilah is very much an acquired taste (like marmite) she can be a bit moody and grumpy but can also be extremely friendly and love the attention – it depends how she feels on the day! She is one of the most protective mothers we have and are unable to let visitors see her piglets because of this.

Nina and Louisa – the terrible twosome are a loveable duo that can cause trouble on the farm if left to their own devices. They love to team up and take on other pigs, or use their intelligence to their advantage to get food from us. They are twins that do absolutely everything together on the farm.

Pearl is a newbie to the farm and because of this does get bullied quite a lot. But she is a tough cookie and a real cutie that gets excited whenever anyone comes to see her to say hello. She loves lots of cuddles and attention and will sit with you for ages like a little lap dog.

Daisy is also a newbie to the farm, having been previously hand reared by Amy, our administrator. She absolutely LOVES people, but is still a little shy around the other pigs. Having lived with dogs, she does sometimes act dog like and occasionally likes to play with her dog toys. She is a lovable piggy who is very affectionate.