Micro Pigs For Sale

Discounts now available

Here at Kew Little Pigs we are specialist breeders of little pigs, otherwise known as micro pigs, tea cup pigs, mini pigs, miniature pigs and pet pigs. We have the largest dedicated micro pig farm in the UK and consider ourselves the industry experts, having successfully bred pigs for over 7 years and offer more services than any other breeder – please see our services page for more details Services

We have a limited number of micro pigs for sale every year. We are dedicated on selling our Micro pigs to people who are caring and passionate – like us. We sell on the grounds that people are well informed by us and are ready to accept the process of caring for a micro pig. We guide people and help as much as we can with the formalities that it includes.

We as Micro Pig Breeders are looking for good homes to place our miniature pigs in. At present Kew Little Pigs has a range of micro pigs for sale varying in age, gender and colour.

When thinking of buying a pig it’s best to know what you are looking for, e.g. boy, girl – pigs should be in pair and we do offer discounts for this. A pig can be sold singly if it would have lots of company in it’s new home. Male and females do have different behaviours.

If you would like to become a micro pig owner and want more information about our micro pigs for sale please contact us and subscribe to our newsletter, book a visit and take part on a micro pig keeping course.

Micro Pigs available:

1 year old boars – £400 each  £300 each

7 month old piglets – £650 each or 2 for £1100 £550 each or 2 for £900


Newborns £650 each or 2 for £1100


Our little oinkers are all ready to be rehomed and are used to being around people, but may still take some time to adjust to family life. We can also ensure that piglets are wormed before they head off to their new home. You also have the option of eartagging your pigs, this is a legal requirement after 12 months of age. We also have a vet that can castrate the male piglets and we will provide 48 hours of aftercare.

Before contacting us please read our about micro pigs page and watch our video on youtube. If you think owning a micro pig is for you, you can then book a course and obtain a CPH number

With all pigs we sell we offer a range of services (which you can see on our services page). If you would like to view any of our pigs or have any queries please contact us info@kewlittlepigs.com or on 07904617650.

* No admin work will be processed until a 50% deposit is made from the sale of the pig. This deposit is non – refundable.