Media & TV

Why hire us?

The public have a love and fascination of anything small and cute, especially micro pigs! Our pigs have done media and PR work, and have appeared on countless TV shows, magazines and events before and love to be around people and are very well behaved. We have even done 8 weeks continuous filming for Channel 5’s The Secret life of pets. Whether your business is linked to pigs or you would love something unique to show your guests or audience, we have pigs for every occasion. As a genuine breeder, we have a very unique position and have the great ability to share our micro pigs with others all year round. We can provide a variety of micro pigs, and have the best looking pigs there is! The pigs at Kew Little Pigs have been the choice of many to make a unique and quirky addition to an event, depending on the style of the event, people are welcome to come into the pig pen and get interactive with our amazing pigs. We always work in accordance with animal welfare and our piggies care is highly important for us. If you are looking for micro pigs for promotions, photo shoots, TV work, public or private events, then please look no further! We have micro pigs below which are available to hire, but these are subject to change.

We have been hired for media & TV work for the past 4 years and consider ourselves to be highly professional and sought after in the industry. Our pigs are extremely well behaved and used to being around people as well as cameras. We have a number of pigs to choose from, for more information on them, please contact us for their portfolio’s. Our pigs are trained in dealing with large crowds and are not at all shy! Our show pigs have done modelling, photo shoots and filming before. As well as large promotional events for companies all over England.

Our pigs to book

We have a variety of different pigs on offer available to hire out for TV & Media purposes. We have small piglets as well as adult micro pigs with different personalities and looks. Our micro pigs are extremely friendly and all have different personalities and colours. The colours we have available are black & pink, black, ginger and white.

Some companies we have worked with: