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We would firstly like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at Allen & Page – Especially to Tim – for all of their support and advice given over the years. We have worked closely with Allen and page for over 4 years and cannot highly recommend their feed enough. Our micro pigs have always been on their potbellied pig feed range – specifically designed for potbellies, micro’s and kune kunes. While our pigs have been fed this we have noticed our pigs are healthy, lean and well fed. This feed has been specially produced to ensure that pet pigs have the correct amount of protein and fibre.

  • High Quality Pot Bellied Pig Feed
  • Also Suitable for Kune Kunes, Micro Pigs & Pet Pigs
  • Specially Formulated to Avoid Obesity
  • High Fibre, Low Calorie
  • With Added Herbs
  • Broad Spectrum Vitamins & Minerals
  • 12% Protein Content



Allen & page care about the welfare of animals and try to instil this in their feeds by only using non GM ingredients and drug free ingredients. They have even been recognised by royalty, having been appointed by the Prince of Wales in 2009! They use omega oils in their feed, giving animals a great coat and soft skin.

They not only do different kinds of pig feed, but their smallholder range also includes chicken feed, sheep & goat feed, cattle and feed specifically designed for ex battery hens. The company works alongside DEFRA to give the best quality produce as they can and scientifically look into their feeds to ensure that it is best for the animals.

We have tried and tested other feeds throughout the years and have found that our pigs have gained lots of weight too quickly or that their still hungry even after the recommended amount. With Allen & Page it is totally different, our pigs are satisfied after their meals and find it very tasty!

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