Proposal at Kew Little Pigs

On Tuesday 12th June 2018, we had an unexpected proposal here at Kew Little Pigs. Scott McGrogan got down on one knee asking for his girlfriend Louise Jamieson’s hand in marriage.

The couple from Glasgow, who have been together for 9 years, will be taking the surname McCann, from Louise’s late mother. Scott who secretly planned the proposal for a whole year, opted for the traditional clan of the McCann family to tie around Louise’s finger in place of a ring.

The team here at Kew Little Pig’s send the happy couple all our best wishes for the future as well as lots of hogs and kisses from our piggies!

Congratulations the McCann’s!

The happy couple with their ‘Kew Little Pigs can fly’ keepsake book .

Spring Fun With Newborn Piglets!

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Piglets, Piglets, Piglets 

We’re extremely excited to announce that our farm is full of little oinkers at the moment, Jill, Melissa and Velvet have all given birth! All piglets are doing well and the mums are taking it all in their stride! We have a variety of colours and ages – some will be ready to rehome in around 6 weeks time! These little oinkers are £650 each or two for £1100.

We also have some older piggies for those who want to miss out on the hard of work of socialising and training their pig – these oinkers start at £300.

Having micro pigs as pets is a fantastic and extremely rewarding experience. They are cleaner than dogs and very intelligent.

If you are interested in purchasing a micro pig and would like to book yourself onto our comprehensive guide to pig keeping course, which is currently 20% off, please click below.

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Spoil your dad this Fathers Day! 

Why not book a Piggy Pet & Play visit for and your dad this fathers day? Or even better, Book him in for Piglet Spa and have a pamper session!  Give him a day to remember with our fantastic services – plus see our new baby piglets! Go onto our shop and pick your fathers day gift now!

We’re Hiring! 

With our influx of piglets comes more admin work and we are looking for an administrative officer to join our expanding team.

If you have a calm head, great time management and the ability to work under pressure then this could be the role for you. There will also be opportunities to assist with events as well as in house training.

This is definitely a role you could make your own, ideal for someone who is self motivated and can take ownership of projects.


Duties to include feeding and caring for our miniature pigs, goats & chickens, mucking out, greeting customers and introducing them to the animals.

This position requires a calm head, love of animals and people, enthusiasm and flexibility. There will also be opportunities to assist with events and party bookings as well as in house training.

The position is 4 days per week (mainly weekends) with a view to going full time. Applicants must be over 18 and ideally live locally and drive. Pay is dependent on experience.

Please apply in writing, including all relevant experience to

(Please note that all previous applicants are still on file and do not need to reapply, however you will only be contacted should we wish to interview you).

May half term is already upon us! 

There is ALREADY another half term upon us, and what better way to spend it that with the cuties at Kew Little Pigs!

Whether you’re interested in Piggy Pet & Play, Mini Pig Keeping or The Pig Enthusiast – there is something for everyone to have a great day out!

Our piglets and their mum will of course be joining in on the fun, but they may still be a little shy!

Book Today

Have a fab half term! 

The Team at KLP

De-Tusking a boar

If you have an entire male pig, de-tusking may be an annual treatment your pig will need to ensure the safety of both humans and the pig, they usually become too long at around 18 months old.

De-tusking is a painless process that your vet will need to be booked in to perform. Your pig will be sedated and kept calm and then the vet will use an instrument called a Gigli Saw (a little like a cheese wire) to saw off the points of the tusk. This prevents the boar from cutting his mouth while he’s eating, lowers the risk of infection and also lowers the risk of injury.

Tusk trimming is done every 10-12 months and sometimes longer depending on growth.

A fantastic write up by the lovely Lucy Buxton of The Pet Show

We headed down to meet some micro pigs at Easter with the amazing Kew Little Pigs! Kew Little Pigs is a miniature pig petting farm set over 3 acres of gorgeous Buckinghamshire countryside. Not only does the farm have plenty of lovely pigs you can cuddle up to, they have also partnered with the local Crowne Plaza, Gerrards Cross, to offer a range of luxury packages. They even run micro pig keeping courses for those who are interested to learn about pig-keeping!

Luxury packages start from £64 per person, and we opted for a couple; Muddy Pigs and Arty Pigs. The first package, Muddy Pigs, involved an hour spent meeting and greeting a whole host of adorable piggy faces before heading off to the Crowne Plaza, Wave Spa for a relaxing Rasul mud bath treatment!

Olivia started our visit by giving us a tour of the farm and introducing us to all of the pigs. They ranged in size and colours but all were absolutely adorable. Olivia knew each pig by name and also told us a little about them. Some were playful, some were cheeky and some were even a little lazy! Once the tour had finished, we were given a brush and let loose in the pig pens! We were able to wander through the pens, brushing, cuddling and having fun with the pigs. While one of the pens was temporarily closed to the public (understandably – it was extremely muddy due to lots of recent rain!), we were able to go in and out of all the other pens as we chose. It was lovely to have the freedom to meet all of the pigs and spend time with them.

It turns out that the pigs were very enthusiastic about being brushed, and would happily stand still for ages while we brushed them. Olivia also taught us the ultimate way to a pig’s heart; belly rubs! We couldn’t believe it as we gave the belly of any approaching pigs a good rub and watched as they flopped over on the ground beside us. Not only was this funny to watch, it also gave us some great cuddle time with the pigs. We were amazed at how friendly and intelligent the pigs were; the second we entered each pen, they were by our sides ready for some attention. It didn’t take long for their personalities to really shine through. We loved meeting them all and really enjoyed getting to know their personalities.

Once we had some time cuddling the pigs, it was time for our second package; Arty Pig! Olivia set up our easels next to one of the pens so we had a good view of the piggy residents. We were given a selection of arty materials, ranging from acrylic paints to oil pastels to pencils, and had the opportunity to do our best artist’s impression of the pigs in front of us. While I discovered I’m certainly not the next Picasso, this experience was great fun. There was something very peaceful about painting surrounded by beautiful countryside. The best part? We got to take our paintings home with us as a memento!


Once we were suitably covered in paint, it was time for the second part of our Muddy Pigs experience. This involved washing off our accrued mud and dirt at the Crowne Plaza Wave Spa and relaxing with a Rasul mud bath. After we had a dip in the pool and Jacuzzi, it was time for our treatment to begin. We were shown to our own private room and had the process explained to us step-by-step, before the attendant left us to it. Firstly, we scrubbed ourselves with a lovely exfoliating gel and then hopped into the shower. Once the gel was washed off, we then proceeded to use the ‘mud’, covering ourselves completely from head to toe! We then entered a separate room and took a seat on the heated benches. After around 10 minutes, the room began to slowly fill with steam. The heat opened up our pores and allowed the ‘mud’ to sink into our skin; this was very relaxing and we nearly fell asleep. Once the steam evaporated, warm jets of water fell from the ceiling and washed all of the ‘mud’ off our skin! This, coupled with an extra shower afterwards, left us feeling squeaky clean. We were then shown to the relaxation room where we could put our feet up and listen to some calming music.

After all this, we left the spa with our piggy paintings in one hand, and made our way back home. We left the whole experience as happy as pigs in muck – although certainly cleaner!

Randy and Delilah have left the farm!

We’re very excited to say that our piggy favourite Randy and sweet Delilah have ventured off to their forever home… a school!

Wilds Lodge School in Rutland is a fantastic and caring school focusing on nurturing the needs of children with special needs by using different therapies – animals being one. After training members of their team how to care for the pigs, we know that they will be nurtured, just like their amazing students!

Their team came to the farm to take part on our Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping, a thorough and extensive course aimed at new pig owners that need the information and knowledge to care for pigs. As they were looking to have a litter of piglets to use as a learning tool with the children, we also gave them training from our Breeding, Gestation and Farrowing course, as pig pregnancy can be a little confusing, and to get the best results for both the Sow and piglets, experience or training is recommended.

After a few days, we received the heart warming news that the pigs had settled in very, very well and may even be on the way to having piglets of their own! They love their new home and have lots of space to naturally be happy pigs – they even have toys and their very own ball pig to play in!


Over recent years, we have noticed the number of schools keeping animals to be rising. Pigs are a fantastic learning tool to have at schools, as they are extremely calm around children and there can be many benefits to the children, including animal enrichment, sense of responsibility and it can even help their confidence and behaviour in the classroom. Pigs are extremely easy to keep and learning providers can create all sorts of subjects and learning tools from the pigs.

We now keep in regular contact with Wilds Lodge school and are on hand for any advice when they need it. We love seeing our pigs go to such loving and caring homes!


Easter at Kew Little Pigs

Happy Easter to you all!

Well, Spring looks like it is finally here! The pigs are happy to see the back of the snow and see some sunshine on the farm – Sunbathing here we come!

Easter is always busy, full of activities on the farm and this year is no different! Come down and join us and our piggies now that the weather is warmer!

Play with the piggies this Easter! 

Come down to the farm and join us for some fun playing with the pigs! Come to the farm to pet, play with and experience our fabulous piggies!  This is a fabulous activity for Children on Half Term!

For more information or to book this in, pleaseclick here.

What a difference a year makes! 

We will be celebrating being on our amazing farm for a year on the 15th April. To celebrate we are offering 20% OFF our Pig Enthusiast for the 15th April only!

For more information or to book this in, Pleaseclick here.

We currently have some gorgeous older pigs for sale (hurrah, they’re past the naughty piglet stage!) Starting at £300, they can make a fabulous and loving addition to the family.  Click here to find out more and express your interest!

Why not take advantage of our 20% OFF our Comprehensive guide to pig keeping course we offer! Giving you all the information you need to care for a pig in the UK, you’ll be clued up in no time! Click here to find out more.

We’re very, very excited to state we will be expecting litters of piglets in April – May time! 3 of our beautiful sows Jill, Melissa and Velvet are all in pig, and are getting bigger everyday! We are of course looking for loving families to our piggies to join – if you are interested, please do get in contact here.  

Piggy Parties!

Planning a special party? Bored of the usual entertainers? Want to wow your guests, from kids to grown ups of all ages?

Then why not try a ‘mini pig party’ brought to your venue by Kew Little Pigs of Amersham

With over 7 years experience in the event and party sector, Kew Little Pigs have attended parties in convents, schools, retirement homes, hen do’s,  festivals, and going to interesting places for fantastic people.

Please click here for more information 

School fairs & events 

Pigs are a great addition to any school event as they definitely bring in the crowds! We attend schools all over the country to provide animal enrichment for those who otherwise would be unable to meet a real pig, sounds like fun to us! Guests will be able to meet and play with our piggies and of course get a great photo opportunity!

                                                               Snow, Snow, Snow! 

What awful weather we have been having the past few months! Unfortunately, due to the freakish weather, we have had to cancel customers – if you have still not re-booked with us, please get in contact and we can get that arranged for you!

Do you love Amersham?                    

We do! We have teamed up with the amazing Kings Arms hotel of Old Amersham High street, to host our guests for a treat after a visit to the farm. There are the 3 following options to choose from:

The Piggy Cream Tea
The Piggy High Tea 
The Whole Hog 

Happy Easter to you all!

The ladies at Kew Little Pigs 

Thank you to the lovely Zoe of Gin and Bone for her fabulous review! 

I love pigs. I dont know what it is about them that I find so sweet, but I do. Perhaps because they are like dogs with cuter feet and noses? Or perhaps because they are essentially a free truffle supplier, I dont know, but I have always found them adorable.

A couple of months ago, a friend said to me, “I just wish there was somewhere closer than Exumas in the Bahamas to go and pet them”… Well my trotter loving friends, there is… and its in Amersham (Shout out to North London). I am talking about Kew Little Pigs.

This place is your petting dream and not only is it great for you, its good for the piggies too. (If the word piggy offends you, then we probably shouldn’t be friends).

There are over 60 pigs there and they are treated better than most London spa customers.

I got to spend a morning with them… as in in the pens with them, some apples, a brush, and some steady footing. (This not helped by me rocking up in suede boots to which I received eye rolls and a “Its January…. on a pig farm”. Fair. Luckily, owner Olivia was on hand as hero with the wellies.

So the reason behind the name? “Kew” was the owner Olivia’s first ever pig. Starting as a small piglet, Kew is now bigger than an small arm chair but just as sweet.

In addition, awesome Olivia gives you a porcine crash course in everything pig including their habits, family life and which are “In Pig” (pregnant) and when.


Now, I need to be clear about the “micro pig” term. If you are going expecting to see tea-cup pigs then either go when they are just born or you will be disappointed. Despite being the leading breeder of micro-pigs, this literally just means that they are breeding the smallest pigs to create smaller pigs.

However, if you are planning on taking one home (not from here) and popping it on your sofa…. IT. WILL. GROW.

You will end up with a pig the size of a dog or larger and it will undoubtedly eat your chaise-lounge and Mario Testino coffee table book.

These piglets are super friendly and love attention, brushing and selfies (and apples). I fell a little in love with them and grew quite attached to the little pink one (Dobby) and was actually quite sad to leave them after an hour or so.

This is genuinely the closest that you will get to spending quality time with pigs and piglets and is totally at the pamper favour of the pigs.


It is not just pigs that reside on the farm but horses and goats also. One in particular who seems to have been offered PPI one too many times.

We were lucky enough to experience both the Luxury Pig Spa and Muddy Pig packages which consisted of getting muddy with the pigs in the morning, afternoon tea and then a mud rasul spa treatment in the afternoon.

I am no friend of the carbs, but sometimes, just sometimes a girl has got to get her scone on, you know? So we had a stop off at the famous Kings Arms (Used in Four Weddings and a Funeral) for some afternoon tea.

Scones and Afternoon Tea - Kings Arms Amersham

So, what is the best thing to do after eating your weight in carbs? Obviously jump into a bikini and go to a spa.

To continue the mud theme, we had a “Mud Rasul” which is essentially a self application of cleansing mud and then a 20 minute steam room to let it really soak in. Then swanning around the spa for the afternoon.

They are developing the farm to add a play pen, a Summer seating area and are also currently in talks to become the breeder for the swimming pigs in Exumas. (They are currently the size of a single bed and are becoming a little dangerous to breed).

If you love pigs (I love pigs) then this is for you. Truthfully, it would have been slightly easier in the Summer months to deal with the mud and I will 100% be heading back there for the Summers first litter of piglets.

So…Get in touch with them. Tell them I sent you and you want the “suede boot city girls” package lol.

Kew Little Pigs – Old Amersham Farm, Bucks, HP7 0HR – +44 (0)7904 617 650

Our piggies are flying out of the door!

We’re so excited lots of our lovely piggies have found wonderful forever homes recently – they will all truly be loved!

Our lovely Pedro & Percy have moved not too far down the road in Bucks and have found an amazing home, where they will be spoiled with love and attention!



Our gorgeous Brutus and Barney also went off to their new home in Wales on Christmas Eve!


Beware of bracken!

KLP Farm Photos Sept1001_23





We are pleased to announce that our Stampwell farm is now home to nearly all of our micro pigs, making us the largest dedicated micro pig farm in England!

This has come at a massive task, as our 3 acre farm was also home to bracken, which is deadly to our pigs, horses, sheep and many other animals. For over a month we have been removing 30 years worth of bracken from our farm by hand, using no chemicals to ensure that we stay an organic farm. We are pleased to say we are starting to win the battle!

It has been a huge task, but after removing the bracken one pen at a time, we realised it takes up a lot of space and light! We’ve been fortunate enough to have some pig pens with no bracken at all, so while we have been dealing with it, the pigs have been happily munching away on the grass.

KLP Farm Photos Sept1001_25



We’d like to take this opportunity to warn other land owners to beware of this deadly plant as it can grow at rapid rates and spread through spores in the air. It can kill animals if they eat it or can cause serious health problems. We were extremely lucky that we removed it just in time and are now taking continuous precautions to ensure it doesn’t return.


Here’s some links for more information on Bracken:


It’s even in the news

KLP Farm Photos Sept1001_28

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