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I love pigs. I dont know what it is about them that I find so sweet, but I do. Perhaps because they are like dogs with cuter feet and noses? Or perhaps because they are essentially a free truffle supplier, I dont know, but I have always found them adorable.

A couple of months ago, a friend said to me, “I just wish there was somewhere closer than Exumas in the Bahamas to go and pet them”… Well my trotter loving friends, there is… and its in Amersham (Shout out to North London). I am talking about Kew Little Pigs.

This place is your petting dream and not only is it great for you, its good for the piggies too. (If the word piggy offends you, then we probably shouldn’t be friends).

There are over 60 pigs there and they are treated better than most London spa customers.

I got to spend a morning with them… as in in the pens with them, some apples, a brush, and some steady footing. (This not helped by me rocking up in suede boots to which I received eye rolls and a “Its January…. on a pig farm”. Fair. Luckily, owner Olivia was on hand as hero with the wellies.

So the reason behind the name? “Kew” was the owner Olivia’s first ever pig. Starting as a small piglet, Kew is now bigger than an small arm chair but just as sweet.

In addition, awesome Olivia gives you a porcine crash course in everything pig including their habits, family life and which are “In Pig” (pregnant) and when.


Now, I need to be clear about the “micro pig” term. If you are going expecting to see tea-cup pigs then either go when they are just born or you will be disappointed. Despite being the leading breeder of micro-pigs, this literally just means that they are breeding the smallest pigs to create smaller pigs.

However, if you are planning on taking one home (not from here) and popping it on your sofa…. IT. WILL. GROW.

You will end up with a pig the size of a dog or larger and it will undoubtedly eat your chaise-lounge and Mario Testino coffee table book.

These piglets are super friendly and love attention, brushing and selfies (and apples). I fell a little in love with them and grew quite attached to the little pink one (Dobby) and was actually quite sad to leave them after an hour or so.

This is genuinely the closest that you will get to spending quality time with pigs and piglets and is totally at the pamper favour of the pigs.


It is not just pigs that reside on the farm but horses and goats also. One in particular who seems to have been offered PPI one too many times.

We were lucky enough to experience both the Luxury Pig Spa and Muddy Pig packages which consisted of getting muddy with the pigs in the morning, afternoon tea and then a mud rasul spa treatment in the afternoon.

I am no friend of the carbs, but sometimes, just sometimes a girl has got to get her scone on, you know? So we had a stop off at the famous Kings Arms (Used in Four Weddings and a Funeral) for some afternoon tea.

Scones and Afternoon Tea - Kings Arms Amersham

So, what is the best thing to do after eating your weight in carbs? Obviously jump into a bikini and go to a spa.

To continue the mud theme, we had a “Mud Rasul” which is essentially a self application of cleansing mud and then a 20 minute steam room to let it really soak in. Then swanning around the spa for the afternoon.

They are developing the farm to add a play pen, a Summer seating area and are also currently in talks to become the breeder for the swimming pigs in Exumas. (They are currently the size of a single bed and are becoming a little dangerous to breed).

If you love pigs (I love pigs) then this is for you. Truthfully, it would have been slightly easier in the Summer months to deal with the mud and I will 100% be heading back there for the Summers first litter of piglets.

So…Get in touch with them. Tell them I sent you and you want the “suede boot city girls” package lol.

Kew Little Pigs – Old Amersham Farm, Bucks, HP7 0HR – +44 (0)7904 617 650

Our piggies are flying out of the door!

We’re so excited lots of our lovely piggies have found wonderful forever homes recently – they will all truly be loved!

Our lovely Pedro & Percy have moved not too far down the road in Bucks and have found an amazing home, where they will be spoiled with love and attention!



Our gorgeous Brutus and Barney also went off to their new home in Wales on Christmas Eve!


Beware of bracken!

KLP Farm Photos Sept1001_23





We are pleased to announce that our Stampwell farm is now home to nearly all of our micro pigs, making us the largest dedicated micro pig farm in England!

This has come at a massive task, as our 3 acre farm was also home to bracken, which is deadly to our pigs, horses, sheep and many other animals. For over a month we have been removing 30 years worth of bracken from our farm by hand, using no chemicals to ensure that we stay an organic farm. We are pleased to say we are starting to win the battle!

It has been a huge task, but after removing the bracken one pen at a time, we realised it takes up a lot of space and light! We’ve been fortunate enough to have some pig pens with no bracken at all, so while we have been dealing with it, the pigs have been happily munching away on the grass.

KLP Farm Photos Sept1001_25



We’d like to take this opportunity to warn other land owners to beware of this deadly plant as it can grow at rapid rates and spread through spores in the air. It can kill animals if they eat it or can cause serious health problems. We were extremely lucky that we removed it just in time and are now taking continuous precautions to ensure it doesn’t return.


Here’s some links for more information on Bracken:


It’s even in the news

KLP Farm Photos Sept1001_28

Kew little pigs update!

It’s been a while since we have last posted on here, and we have had a lot going on!

To start off with, we have a new farm! Our 3 acre farm is based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and we share the land with donkeys, sheep and much, much more. Our piggies are already having a fantastic time as they have lots of space to forage and be piggy, Gizmo has taken to bathing in his water and laying under the oak trees to keep cool in this scorching weather, while Patrick and Kew have taken to sleeping outside under the trees at night. We will be holding an open day to introduce ourselves into the community and to show off our new litter of piglets on the 16th of August from 10am until 2pm – please contact us via our contact page for more details. We would like to thank the amazing Jamie for looking after our pigs and being fantastic when helping us!

Our other brilliant news is that 33Scarlett, Boe and Delilah have all given birth to beautiful piglets! Boe gave birth to 3 little cuties, one black and white and two black. Delilah had two little black piglets and Scarlett had a beautiful litter of 8 black and pink piglets. All mothers and piglets are doing well and are extremely cute! We are looking for forever homes for our new additions, so all that are interested in having a micro pig as a pet, please contact us.










London Pet Show

We would like to thank all visitors that come to support us at The London Pet Show 2014! We saw over 20,000 people over the weekend and you were all pet mad!
Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their generous support, your visits to our stand and your contributions to IJM (International Justice Mission) are very much appreciated.
We hope that you all had a fantastic time visiting our stand and that you enjoyed meeting our micro pigs and finding out information about how great they are.
Micro pig racing winner!
We would like to say a HUGE congratulations to Vicky Teale for winning a bronze adoption of Jemima for taking part in micro pig racing at The London Pet Show.
We would like to thank everyone for taking part in the racing, we raised lots of money for the IJM charity.
Photo booth Re-prints
If anyone would like any re-prints from the Kew little pigs photo booth please email us to order them in.  We would like to thank everyone that used the photo booth, the photo’s look great and we hope you all had a fun time meeting Kew & her piglets.
Questions & requested info
If anyone has any questions they need answering or would like more information on our services or keeping a pet pig, please do contact us and we can help you.
The team at Kew little pigs

New litters are due soon!

We are pleased to announce that we will soon have two new litters of micro piglets.

We are very excited as Boe is having a litter, her first one! Patrick is the proud father and we cannot wait to see whether they will look like mum or dad! Boe is starting to show her little bump off and we are constant;y looking after her and giving her lots of food. She is still a huge attention seeker as ever! We will be expecting Boe’s piglets in mid April.

We are also very excited about Kew’s third litter of piglets that she is having with Gizmo. Kew is a pro mother by now and we know she is fantastic to all of her babies! Kew is due around the end of April to Early May. We hope they will have Gizmo’s beautiful markings. Kew is having her piglets at the Essex branch and will be looked after by Sara.

Anyone who is interested in our impending litters, please get in touch by going to our contact us page on our website.

Enjoy the sun!


The Ladies of Kew little pigs. x

Beware buyers!

The team at Kew little pigs have recently been investigating the claims of recent visitors that amateur breeders are selling pigs at low costs claiming they are ‘micro pigs’. We would like to warn all buyers that ‘breeders’ are selling piglets for as little as £10 on buying and selling websites, with little or no information about their lineage or how big they are going to grow. Although it is nice to find cheap buys, we would like to warn potential pig owners that cheap is not always best, as there could be potential throwbacks in the pig or even bad temperament, causing a risk to the family home. These amateur breeders also offer little or no before and after care for the pig and the buyers. They will offer no services coming with the pigs and may not even advise and help the owner on what they are actually buying, including getting a CPH number and the legalities of looking after a pig.

Flooding the market with ‘micro pigs’ can be damaging as they can not only go to the wrong type of customer with a lack of information, but can also cause harm to the public, as pig owners have the responsibility to ensure that DEFRA’S rules and regulations and notifiable diseases must be adhered of. We at Kew little pigs pride ourselves in customer before and aftercare and have spent many years researching and perfecting our lineage. As one of the top and well respected breeders within the country, we are a genuine business that advise people wanting a micro pig as a quality family pet, to buy from genuine breeders of high standard and reputation.

We offer a number of services to ensure the best for the pig and our customers.  We love Micro pigs, and Micro pigs and pigs are wonderful animals and it’s great that people are getting to see what great and loving pets they can be. We love all of our customers and do our best to make sure that buying a pig and having them as pets is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

For those that are considering buying a micro pig or wanting to find out more information please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us page on our website and we’d be happy to help. Also, look through our unique services to see what we offer to help our customers.

5The team at Kew little pigs

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