Feed your piggies well!

We would firstly like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at Allen & Page – Especially to Tim – for all of their support and advice given over the years. We have worked closely with Allen and page for over 4 years and cannot highly recommend their feed enough. Our micro pigs have always been on their potbellied pig feed range – specifically designed for potbellies, micro’s and kune kunes. While our pigs have been fed this we have noticed our pigs are healthy, lean and well fed. This feed has been specially produced to ensure that pet pigs have the correct amount of protein and fibre.

  • High Quality Pot Bellied Pig Feed
  • Also Suitable for Kune Kunes, Micro Pigs & Pet Pigs
  • Specially Formulated to Avoid Obesity
  • High Fibre, Low Calorie
  • With Added Herbs
  • Broad Spectrum Vitamins & Minerals
  • 12% Protein Content



Allen & page care about the welfare of animals and try to instil this in their feeds by only using non GM ingredients and drug free ingredients. They have even been recognised by royalty, having been appointed by the Prince of Wales in 2009! They use omega oils in their feed, giving animals a great coat and soft skin.

They not only do different kinds of pig feed, but their smallholder range also includes chicken feed, sheep & goat feed, cattle and feed specifically designed for ex battery hens. The company works alongside DEFRA to give the best quality produce as they can and scientifically look into their feeds to ensure that it is best for the animals.

We have tried and tested other feeds throughout the years and have found that our pigs have gained lots of weight too quickly or that their still hungry even after the recommended amount. With Allen & Page it is totally different, our pigs are satisfied after their meals and find it very tasty!

Enjoy work with Chiswick Business park!

We were hired for a fantastic event with Enjoy work! for the staff and residents of Chiswick business park on Friday the 8th of May.

The event was for the hard workers of the company based at the business park to come down and enjoy and chill out on their lunch break. There an array of activities that included gardening, other petting stations and most importantly, us!!

Our piggies loved having hundreds of people fuss over them and even stopped for a quick cuddle with people. They were on the cards to do agility, but with pigs, sometimes you have to go with the flow – they took it upon themselves to refuse any part in agility and opted for the food option instead – we can’t blame them!

It was a great afternoon spent talking to many pig lovers and telling people how fantastic piggies are!

Find a few pics below!





IMG_3305 IMG_3313 (480x640) IMG_3314 (480x640)














Why buy a micro pig?

Micro pigs are highly intelligent creatures that can provide love, care and affection just like dogs, the only exception is they have hair instead of fur! These animals are perfect for those suffering from allergies but have always wanted a pet of their own – and they are much more interested than fish!

Triplets & the 3 pigs_16

Micro pigs can be walked, although this is not a necessity as pigs do not need a lot of exercise as they are sty animals.

Micro pigs are also extremely cheap to feed. A bag of pot bellied pig feed is £15 and for two pigs it should last around 1 month. Plus you can also feed your pigs yummy fruit and vegetables – just be sure it’s not out of kitchen.

Micro pigs are also very clever, so you can teach them amazing things, such as sit, stay, lay down and even get them to wait by the back door if they need to toilet! Some people also toilet train their pigs, so that when they are in the home, they use a litter tray, this usually takes around a week. IMG_8582 (640x427)

Micro pigs can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction into your lives, as they are truly wonderful pets to keep! They do not require 24/7 attention, as they live outdoors, you can feed them in then morning, muck out and head off to work. In the evenings it is nice to spend time with them and even bring them into the home, as they do love attention!

We always have little cuties for sale to have as a new addition to the home.

For any advice or more information please feel free to contact us on 07904617650

The team at Kew little pigs. x

Winter tips for pig owners

Snow and ice is finally on it’s way and it is important to be prepared for the winter months ahead.

It’s a good idea to keep your pigs health in top condition during winter as it prevents them from getting ill in the colder monthsPoster2 (480x640). We have recently changed our worming medicine, it is important to do this regularly as your pigs body can become immune.

Now may be a good time to prepare their pen for the cold nights ahead. Ensure that their beds are damp free and clean, you may even want to virkon them just to make sure, and then ensure they have lots of straw to snuggle up in. You can also give them a little more feed if you like to help them put on a little weight and keep warm in the cold.

We don’t recommend getting heat lamps, as you know pigs can’t sweat, but if you feel your pig may be feeling the cold outside, you can always give it some blankets, or bring it in the house with supervision.

image (2)

It may also be a good idea to get stocked up on hay, straw and feed, especially if you live in rural areas, as it may be difficult to get out in icy conditions.

Please also remember in winter months that your hose may freeze! It’s always a good idea to keep buckets of water by your pig pen to top them up with fresh water.

Kew little pigs update!

It’s been a while since we have last posted on here, and we have had a lot going on!

To start off with, we have a new farm! Our 3 acre farm is based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and we share the land with donkeys, sheep and much, much more. Our piggies are already having a fantastic time as they have lots of space to forage and be piggy, Gizmo has taken to bathing in his water and laying under the oak trees to keep cool in this scorching weather, while Patrick and Kew have taken to sleeping outside under the trees at night. We will be holding an open day to introduce ourselves into the community and to show off our new litter of piglets on the 16th of August from 10am until 2pm – please contact us via our contact page for more details. We would like to thank the amazing Jamie for looking after our pigs and being fantastic when helping us!

Our other brilliant news is that 33Scarlett, Boe and Delilah have all given birth to beautiful piglets! Boe gave birth to 3 little cuties, one black and white and two black. Delilah had two little black piglets and Scarlett had a beautiful litter of 8 black and pink piglets. All mothers and piglets are doing well and are extremely cute! We are looking for forever homes for our new additions, so all that are interested in having a micro pig as a pet, please contact us.










What can pigs eat?

There’s been a huge debate about what micro pigs can and cannot eat. Some think they should be allowed scraps as they are domesticated animals, while others feel that micro pigs are still livestock, and by law we have to stick to the rules.

We have to abide by the law, which means no scraps or waste must be given to micro pigs!

Pot-Bellied-Pig-20kg (2)Even micro pigs have a strict diet. For example at our garden farms we feed our pigs Allen & Page pot bellied pig feed. This is not only low in protein, which keeps their weight and size down, but is also highly nutritious. The feed comes in pellet form, and gets distributed through the herd. The benefits for this feed a huge and we have tested other feeds over the years, but nothing beats Allen & Page as it is low in protein and high in fibre, keeping our pigs at a healthy weight and ensuring they keep their micro pig size too.

Pigs can have other things to eat, such as hay. Hay is great if you are out all day, as micro pigs love to route around and dig – especially for food. Hay keeps their hunger down and is also nutritious. We get ours in bales from a local supplier at £5, which can last us around 2 weeks. Pig can also have fruit and vegetables, also there are rules for feeding them. Pigs can have this as long as it hasn’t even passed through a kitchen and is stored outside away from rodents and damp.

We have noticed over the years that our pigs tend to dislike certain foods such as peppers, oranges and onions, these flavours are simply too strong fro them. They prefer simpler flavours such as apples, bananas and carrots. If you choose to feed your pigs fruits high in sugar, like bananas and apples, be careful not to overfeed them as this can make them gain weight.


The team at Kew little pigs

Schools now have micro pigs!

We re-homed two of our pretty micro piglets to the most fantastic school. Epsom downs primary school has the most amazing facilities, their students have the opportunity to do gardening and work with an array of animals they have there, including rabbits, chickens, goats and now their new pet pigs!


We did a whole school assembly on the importance of caring for pigs correctly and teaching the whole school on what pigs need to be happy and healthy. The whole school were fascinated to hear interesting pig facts, including that they cannot eat anything that has passed through a kitchen. After the assembly and introducing the new arrivals to the entire school, we decided to settle them in to their new home. When we arrived to the farm side of the school we were amazed! An enclosure had been built, complete with chicken coops and small stables for the goats (who were extremely cute but naughty!) When we looked over, the piglets had the most amazing pen built for them, complete with a Wendy house that had windows and a little veranda for them to lay there and enjoy the sun! It’s safe to say these piggies will be extremely well looked and all of the staff couldn’t help but fall in love with them instantly. We couldn’t believe that the 5 staff members who took part on our pig keeping course had documented so well what is needed in a pigs area of living, and it was definitely perfected.


We can’t thank this amazing school enough for the beautiful home they have created for their pigs. It was great to work with you on the process of building, learning how to care for the pigs and delivering them to the amazing school and seeing the children’s faces. We will of course be back to check on them (and see the goats)

We love having loving and caring customers!


The team at Kew little pigs.