Beware buyers!

The team at Kew little pigs have recently been investigating the claims of recent visitors that amateur breeders are selling pigs at low costs claiming they are ‘micro pigs’. We would like to warn all buyers that ‘breeders’ are selling piglets for as little as £10 on buying and selling websites, with little or no information about their lineage or how big they are going to grow. Although it is nice to find cheap buys, we would like to warn potential pig owners that cheap is not always best, as there could be potential throwbacks in the pig or even bad temperament, causing a risk to the family home. These amateur breeders also offer little or no before and after care for the pig and the buyers. They will offer no services coming with the pigs and may not even advise and help the owner on what they are actually buying, including getting a CPH number and the legalities of looking after a pig.

Flooding the market with ‘micro pigs’ can be damaging as they can not only go to the wrong type of customer with a lack of information, but can also cause harm to the public, as pig owners have the responsibility to ensure that DEFRA’S rules and regulations and notifiable diseases must be adhered of. We at Kew little pigs pride ourselves in customer before and aftercare and have spent many years researching and perfecting our lineage. As one of the top and well respected breeders within the country, we are a genuine business that advise people wanting a micro pig as a quality family pet, to buy from genuine breeders of high standard and reputation.

We offer a number of services to ensure the best for the pig and our customers.  We love Micro pigs, and Micro pigs and pigs are wonderful animals and it’s great that people are getting to see what great and loving pets they can be. We love all of our customers and do our best to make sure that buying a pig and having them as pets is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

For those that are considering buying a micro pig or wanting to find out more information please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us page on our website and we’d be happy to help. Also, look through our unique services to see what we offer to help our customers.

5The team at Kew little pigs

Our photoshoot with Jack Wills & Orillo Productions!

Good afternoon everyone!

We’ve had a fantastic morning with Jack Wills & Orillo Productions. We were booked to come along to Jack Wills head office and take part in a photo shoot with our 3 month old piglets.

In preparation we bathed our beautiful little piggies and made sure they were looking their best for their first ever outing! They loved their little bath and looked amazing once they had been washed with baby shampoo, they smelt better too! They were then towel dried and look amazing!

Our beautiful piglets having a bath
Our beautiful piglets having a bath

Our morning was lots of fun as we worked out what would work best with the piglets, making sure they were comfy and letting them run around the studios. Luckily, the piglets were extremely well behaved at the head office and loved having a cuddles with all of the models and team, they even posed for the camera! The piggies were only there for an hour, but definitely made an impact as everyone fell in love!

We hope to be working with the team at Orillo productions again as we had great fun with the team and were made to feel welcome as soon as we arrived! We hope Jack Wills got some lovely shots of the models & piglets, we hope to see them soon!

Amy & the team from Jack wills & Orillo productions (and piglets!)
Amy & the team from Jack wills & Orillo productions (and piglets!)


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The team at Kew little pigs