Beware of bracken!

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We are pleased to announce that our Stampwell farm is now home to nearly all of our micro pigs, making us the largest dedicated micro pig farm in England!

This has come at a massive task, as our 3 acre farm was also home to bracken, which is deadly to our pigs, horses, sheep and many other animals. For over a month we have been removing 30 years worth of bracken from our farm by hand, using no chemicals to ensure that we stay an organic farm. We are pleased to say we are starting to win the battle!

It has been a huge task, but after removing the bracken one pen at a time, we realised it takes up a lot of space and light! We’ve been fortunate enough to have some pig pens with no bracken at all, so while we have been dealing with it, the pigs have been happily munching away on the grass.

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We’d like to take this opportunity to warn other land owners to beware of this deadly plant as it can grow at rapid rates and spread through spores in the air. It can kill animals if they eat it or can cause serious health problems. We were extremely lucky that we removed it just in time and are now taking continuous precautions to ensure it doesn’t return.


Here’s some links for more information on Bracken:


It’s even in the news

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