London Pet Show

We would like to thank all visitors that come to support us at The London Pet Show 2014! We saw over 20,000 people over the weekend and you were all pet mad!
Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their generous support, your visits to our stand and your contributions to IJM (International Justice Mission) are very much appreciated.
We hope that you all had a fantastic time visiting our stand and that you enjoyed meeting our micro pigs and finding out information about how great they are.
Micro pig racing winner!
We would like to say a HUGE congratulations to Vicky Teale for winning a bronze adoption of Jemima for taking part in micro pig racing at The London Pet Show.
We would like to thank everyone for taking part in the racing, we raised lots of money for the IJM charity.
Photo booth Re-prints
If anyone would like any re-prints from the Kew little pigs photo booth please email us to order them in.  We would like to thank everyone that used the photo booth, the photo’s look great and we hope you all had a fun time meeting Kew & her piglets.
Questions & requested info
If anyone has any questions they need answering or would like more information on our services or keeping a pet pig, please do contact us and we can help you.
The team at Kew little pigs

What can pigs eat?

There’s been a huge debate about what micro pigs can and cannot eat. Some think they should be allowed scraps as they are domesticated animals, while others feel that micro pigs are still livestock, and by law we have to stick to the rules.

We have to abide by the law, which means no scraps or waste must be given to micro pigs!

Pot-Bellied-Pig-20kg (2)Even micro pigs have a strict diet. For example at our garden farms we feed our pigs Allen & Page pot bellied pig feed. This is not only low in protein, which keeps their weight and size down, but is also highly nutritious. The feed comes in pellet form, and gets distributed through the herd. The benefits for this feed a huge and we have tested other feeds over the years, but nothing beats Allen & Page as it is low in protein and high in fibre, keeping our pigs at a healthy weight and ensuring they keep their micro pig size too.

Pigs can have other things to eat, such as hay. Hay is great if you are out all day, as micro pigs love to route around and dig – especially for food. Hay keeps their hunger down and is also nutritious. We get ours in bales from a local supplier at £5, which can last us around 2 weeks. Pig can also have fruit and vegetables, also there are rules for feeding them. Pigs can have this as long as it hasn’t even passed through a kitchen and is stored outside away from rodents and damp.

We have noticed over the years that our pigs tend to dislike certain foods such as peppers, oranges and onions, these flavours are simply too strong fro them. They prefer simpler flavours such as apples, bananas and carrots. If you choose to feed your pigs fruits high in sugar, like bananas and apples, be careful not to overfeed them as this can make them gain weight.


The team at Kew little pigs

New litters are due soon!

We are pleased to announce that we will soon have two new litters of micro piglets.

We are very excited as Boe is having a litter, her first one! Patrick is the proud father and we cannot wait to see whether they will look like mum or dad! Boe is starting to show her little bump off and we are constant;y looking after her and giving her lots of food. She is still a huge attention seeker as ever! We will be expecting Boe’s piglets in mid April.

We are also very excited about Kew’s third litter of piglets that she is having with Gizmo. Kew is a pro mother by now and we know she is fantastic to all of her babies! Kew is due around the end of April to Early May. We hope they will have Gizmo’s beautiful markings. Kew is having her piglets at the Essex branch and will be looked after by Sara.

Anyone who is interested in our impending litters, please get in touch by going to our contact us page on our website.

Enjoy the sun!


The Ladies of Kew little pigs. x

Schools now have micro pigs!

We re-homed two of our pretty micro piglets to the most fantastic school. Epsom downs primary school has the most amazing facilities, their students have the opportunity to do gardening and work with an array of animals they have there, including rabbits, chickens, goats and now their new pet pigs!


We did a whole school assembly on the importance of caring for pigs correctly and teaching the whole school on what pigs need to be happy and healthy. The whole school were fascinated to hear interesting pig facts, including that they cannot eat anything that has passed through a kitchen. After the assembly and introducing the new arrivals to the entire school, we decided to settle them in to their new home. When we arrived to the farm side of the school we were amazed! An enclosure had been built, complete with chicken coops and small stables for the goats (who were extremely cute but naughty!) When we looked over, the piglets had the most amazing pen built for them, complete with a Wendy house that had windows and a little veranda for them to lay there and enjoy the sun! It’s safe to say these piggies will be extremely well looked and all of the staff couldn’t help but fall in love with them instantly. We couldn’t believe that the 5 staff members who took part on our pig keeping course had documented so well what is needed in a pigs area of living, and it was definitely perfected.


We can’t thank this amazing school enough for the beautiful home they have created for their pigs. It was great to work with you on the process of building, learning how to care for the pigs and delivering them to the amazing school and seeing the children’s faces. We will of course be back to check on them (and see the goats)

We love having loving and caring customers!


The team at Kew little pigs.

Beware buyers!

The team at Kew little pigs have recently been investigating the claims of recent visitors that amateur breeders are selling pigs at low costs claiming they are ‘micro pigs’. We would like to warn all buyers that ‘breeders’ are selling piglets for as little as £10 on buying and selling websites, with little or no information about their lineage or how big they are going to grow. Although it is nice to find cheap buys, we would like to warn potential pig owners that cheap is not always best, as there could be potential throwbacks in the pig or even bad temperament, causing a risk to the family home. These amateur breeders also offer little or no before and after care for the pig and the buyers. They will offer no services coming with the pigs and may not even advise and help the owner on what they are actually buying, including getting a CPH number and the legalities of looking after a pig.

Flooding the market with ‘micro pigs’ can be damaging as they can not only go to the wrong type of customer with a lack of information, but can also cause harm to the public, as pig owners have the responsibility to ensure that DEFRA’S rules and regulations and notifiable diseases must be adhered of. We at Kew little pigs pride ourselves in customer before and aftercare and have spent many years researching and perfecting our lineage. As one of the top and well respected breeders within the country, we are a genuine business that advise people wanting a micro pig as a quality family pet, to buy from genuine breeders of high standard and reputation.

We offer a number of services to ensure the best for the pig and our customers.  We love Micro pigs, and Micro pigs and pigs are wonderful animals and it’s great that people are getting to see what great and loving pets they can be. We love all of our customers and do our best to make sure that buying a pig and having them as pets is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

For those that are considering buying a micro pig or wanting to find out more information please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us page on our website and we’d be happy to help. Also, look through our unique services to see what we offer to help our customers.

5The team at Kew little pigs

Our photoshoot with Jack Wills & Orillo Productions!

Good afternoon everyone!

We’ve had a fantastic morning with Jack Wills & Orillo Productions. We were booked to come along to Jack Wills head office and take part in a photo shoot with our 3 month old piglets.

In preparation we bathed our beautiful little piggies and made sure they were looking their best for their first ever outing! They loved their little bath and looked amazing once they had been washed with baby shampoo, they smelt better too! They were then towel dried and look amazing!

Our beautiful piglets having a bath
Our beautiful piglets having a bath

Our morning was lots of fun as we worked out what would work best with the piglets, making sure they were comfy and letting them run around the studios. Luckily, the piglets were extremely well behaved at the head office and loved having a cuddles with all of the models and team, they even posed for the camera! The piggies were only there for an hour, but definitely made an impact as everyone fell in love!

We hope to be working with the team at Orillo productions again as we had great fun with the team and were made to feel welcome as soon as we arrived! We hope Jack Wills got some lovely shots of the models & piglets, we hope to see them soon!

Amy & the team from Jack wills & Orillo productions (and piglets!)
Amy & the team from Jack wills & Orillo productions (and piglets!)


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The team at Kew little pigs

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