Adopt a Micro Pig

We at kew little pigs understand that many people cannot keep a pet pig in their own homes due to their busy lives, commitments and lack of space. So, through many requests we have decided to start our Adopt a micro pig service. This enables people to adopt a pig without having the responsibility of having a pig in their own home. This is a very unique service that lets you be a proud owner of a micro pig. You will be able to choose from their age, gender, colour and personality as we have a variety of pigs to offer. For all adoptee’s we do advise to book their visit in advance to avoid disappointment as we get quite busy in the spring / summer months.If you are unable to attend your adoption appointment throughout the year or you live overseas, you can receive video’s and a poster instead.

We are pleased to announce that all of our adoptable micro pigs are now homed in our new farm in Buckinghamshire! All pigs are enjoying the organic orchards and the much larger space to run around in.

The Benefits:

  • Become a micro pig owner in a shared scheme
  • Entitled to so many visits to our farm per year according to the membership
  • Receive a certificate as proof of adoption (photo included)
  • Receive quarterly updates, pictures, videos and a blog of what your pig has been up to.
  • 10% off all our services, including online shop.
  • You will be the first to know about all our events.
  • T-shirt/ poster (premium package)
  • Invited to our events as a member of the team (premium package).
  • You can bring one friend with you to your visit / visits. If you would like any more guests there will be a charge of £20 per person.
  • You will get 30mins prep and a talk with us and the rest of the time you can spend with your pig, helping to clean out it’s pen and other pig keeping chores (dependent on the time)

The Packages:

We have four different packages to suit the wants and needs of different people. They all include visits and information about your chosen pig.

Package 1 (Bronze package):

This package includes one 1 hour visit to the garden farm per year, as well as all of the benefits listed above. £60

Package 2 (Silver package):

This package includes two 1 hour visits to the garden farm, as well as all of the benefits listed above. £120

Package 3 (Gold package):

This package includes three 1 hour visits to the garden farm, as well as all of the benefits listed above. £180

Premium package:

This package includes four 1 hour visits, as well as all of the benefits listed above, as well as the t- shirt / poster and be a member of the team.   £240

This is perfect for:

  • A gift for a family member or friend
  • People with busy lifestyles
  • People with limited space
  • Single professionals
  • Children
  • People with special needs or disabilities

Micro pigs to adopt:


Kew has been with us since she was born and we are now proud to say that she is a lovely mother to all of the piglets she’s had. She loves to have her belly rubbed, and gets our attention by tipping her water over! She is very friendly and sits on demand. She loves to have the attention and being brushed as she is a princess. For all adoptees of Kew, she is now up in our Beaconsfield farm of Kew little pigs, she can be visited up there. Kew, along with her sister Stephanie, was Moonpig mascot for a year when she was younger, visiting their offices every month as a treat for the staff. Kew has also been on TV before on the Live with Gabby show, as well as other upcoming shows. She can also be seen on our promotional video on our youtube channel.

Kew_polaroid (523x640)


Gizmo is quite shy in comparison to Boe, but he still loves the attention! He is the cute one that everyone loves, so he loves to be stroked and fed (especially fed!). He is very chilled out and loves to just route around his pen. But when Boe starts to cause trouble, he is the first one to go along with her, it’s still clear they love each other! Gizmo is a very clever pig and his party trick is to sit on demand, he loves to do this as he knows he is going to get a treat after, although sometimes he gets too greedy and jumps up!

Gizmo_polaroid (523x640)


Boe has a funny and very sly personality. She has a dogs personality and is not afraid to jump up on your lap if she thinks there is food around. Boe spends her day creating mayhem around the  farm, by demanding food all day long and getting the others to join in, she is definitely the leader. She loves to have her belly rubbed and actually keeps herself very clean considering she is white and quite a digger! She loves to have the attention and if there are any visitors to the farm she will sulk if they do not spend all of their time with her, so it’s safe to say she is quite a diva! Boe is very clever and shows off a lot. Boe’s smiley face makes us glad to come into the office every morning, as she makes us smile with her, even when she is creating mayhem!

Boe_polaroid (523x640)


Dexter is our very cute boar. He has done parties and very big events with us. He is still very small for his age, standing at only 14 inches from shoulder to trotter. He makes the most noise out of all of our male pigs and to follow Gizmo around and copy him! He is one of our well behaved pigs, we let him walk around in the farm and he comes in the office with us sometimes and he’s even done filming all over London! Dexter is everyone’s favourite as he is so small and loves to be centre of attention. He is a very happy pig and is always seen to be rapidly wagging his tail when there’s someone around.

Dexter_polaroid (523x640)


Jemima is Kew, our first show pigs daughter, and she is like her in many ways. Her father is Patrick, also an old show pig, so it’s in her genes to be a show off! She is very small for her age and walks very elegantly. She doesn’t like to be in the forefront of piggy arguements and would rather have her own space, and go to bed and get comfy. She is everyone’s favourite as she is very sweet and calm.

Jemima_polaroid (523x640)


Scarlett is 3 years old and is the sister of Stephanie & Kew. She has had two litters of piglets and is a great mother to them. She lives at our Beaconsfield farm of Kew little pigs and has only attended one of our events which was The Pet Expo at Bluewater in Kent.

Scarlett_polaroid (523x640)


Patrick is a 3 year old breeding boar. He has done many shows and appearances with us including The London Pet show and been on T.V appearances and photo shoots with us. He has black fluffy hair and is extremely cute! He still does bits and pieces with us but he mostly does boar hire around the country.

Patrick_polaroid (523x640)