About Micro Pigs

What is a micro pig?

A micro pig is a pig that has been selectively bred down in size for many generations to become smaller in adulthood than other pigs. We are in control of our breeding, ensuring that our boars do not run freely with our gilts/ sows. This allows us to choose a boar for mating, depending on their size, age, temperament and personality. This ensures we get the right results from our breeding programme and that our customers can see the parents of piglets we sell.

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Micro pigs come in various sizes. Micro pigs are sometimes referred to as ‘teacup’ or miniature pigs. Contrary to popular beliefs there are no 10-12 inch fully grown teacup pigs in the UK (although the piglets are very tiny when standing next to teacups). It is not possible to estimate the size of full-grown micro pig; we can only guide you by showing you their parents. You must take into consideration what you feed your pig and how often it is fed, as this can increase a pigs size and weight.

Caring for a micro pig

Micro pigs are friendly and clean animals that never spoil their living area and only do their toilet activities far away from where they sleep. We feed our micro pigs good quality pig nuts, we feed our micro pigs Allen & Page – pot bellied pig feed. It’s the best on the market. We also feed our pigs fresh fruit and vegetables as a yummy treat!

It is illegal to feed your micro pigs anything that has passed through your kitchen, scraps of any kind or commercial waste. We can supply you with a feeding guide, as it is important not to over feed your micro pigs as this can result in an overweight and unhappy micro pig.

An important thing about micro pigs, and all other pigs, in accordance with DEFRA’s code of recommendations is that pigs should have company of their own kind as this provides them not only with company, but also warmth in the winter and stops them from becoming unhappy.

Homing a micro pig

It is important to get good fencing as micro pigs are known to be good escape artists and you must have a safe penned area for the micro pigs to live in. It is essential to install and use correct fencing. We use a reputable builder who constructs and maintains all of our pens at our farm in Beaconsfield.

Your little oinker can come in your house but must have access to outside space to express their natural behaviour. Micro pigs are clean animals and always do their business far from their living area and you can litter train your piglets quite easily.

Micro pigs do not smell but their toilet area must be cleaned out every day and they must have fresh straw in their arks.

An important thing about Micro pigs and pigs in general is that DEFRA states it is your responsibility to secure your pigs and house them in a safe and secure environment by installing and maintaining correct fencing.


DEFRA has strict rules on moving pigs to prevent disease outbreaks. There is a 20-day standstill on all movements of pigs. Keeping high standards of hygiene is essential to all humans and livestock. Another important thing to remember about micro pigs and pigs in general is that they are zoonotic. Meaning you can pass illnesses to them and they can to you.

We cover husbandry on our pig keeping course, giving you hands on, practical experience with caring for pigs needs.

We understand there is a lot of information to take in, this is why we have designed the ‘comprehensive guide to pig keeping course’ this includes DEFRA’s 5 freedoms. If you would like to know more about micro pigs and how to care for them, please look at our services and go onto our online shop to book a pig keeping course.